What people say about Meta Mentoring

I met Jo last September when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was at a point in my life where I was totally lost, and my mum who’d worked with Jo and Meta suggested that we work together.

Jo is an amazing person he has an amazing talent of listening to people not only in what they are saying to him but also how they are feeling, Jo always knew when suggestions people were making were not right for me. I used to see Jo every 2 to 3 weeks I liked to think of it as getting my Jo fix, as when I was feeling down, after seeing him I went away feeling more confident and positive about my life.

Once I had done a few sessions with Jo I started a course [that he runs] and now you can ask any one of my friends or family and they will tell you that since I have been on this course I am unrecognisable. I have a full time job in something I am passionate about; I am happy, confident and actually good to be around again.

This was all down to Jo and the amazing wonderful inspirational people I met through him – also now known as my Meta family.

I wish I had Meta and the techniques they have taught me when I was a teenager, Meta has taught me to let go of things instead of getting upset an angry about and look at people different instead of jumping to conclusions. I feel that in myself I just let things go which I was definitely unable to do before. Meta Mentoring helps you let go, relax and see the world around you. I think when your young or in your teenage years you are taught maybe to think less of yourself or not to be so big headed. Meta makes you believe in yourself and make you believe that the world is your oyster and you should really follow your dreams. Maybe they wont come true or wont be right for you in the end but hey you gave it a good go.

I am really gutted that I have not got my monthly fix and am gutted it is not something that should be made compulsory; otherwise they would never get rid of me because they have changed my life. This is the first month this year I wont see my other family and I’m gutted, but love hearing from them and how Meta has changed their lives as it has mine.

Even my family has seen the difference – they told me I’m more confident, happy and that they have seen a sudden light go on in me. I love Jo and think he has an amazing gift and one of the BIGGEST hearts of anyone I have ever met and anybody that gets to work with Jo and Meta don’t know it, but they will be some of the most luckiest people in the world as they are about to go through a life changing experience.

Sophie. W

You helped me sort my head out so I could decide what I wanted to do.  It was a good way of doing it and it worked.  I’m sorted!

Phil. T

My mentoring has helped me to realise more in my life than I ever thought possible. When I started I was in a difficult position in my life. Life wasn’t working the way I wanted. Having said that I didn’t know what I wanted!

All I know was that I was in my twenties, still at home, feeling depressed and unsure of what the future held.

During the course of our mentoring together, I got my self-confidence back; I started believing in myself again. I got myself a job, a place to call home and a new beginning. I’m very proud of what I have achieved during the mentoring.

Fast forward to now. I have a successful career (I am now covering manager for the place in which I work), I have bought my own flat, I have the skills to take life and make it my own. I have virtually no stress because of the mentoring I have had and even when I find that things are getting on top of me, I can take a step back and reframe the situation and focus on what’s really important.

In short this mentoring has helped to totally change my life and left me a more confident, organised and generally happier person.

Simon. C

These Meta Mentoring session have inspired me incredibly. It has completely changed the way I believe, act and think. It feels like my ‘darkness’ has been lifted and that I’ve been given the tools to make my future as successful as it can be. I am forever greatful to Jo, he made me realise that I’m the one in control of my life, and despite all the bad things that can happen, you yourself can change it. You control what hurts you, and you control what goes into the heart. The sessions with Jo are indescribable and I can’t explain with words how much he has helped me. He gave me a new perspective of not only my life, but the world itself. I’m now much happier and more able to cope with the obstacles that are thrown at me on my journey of self discovery.

Eternal gratitude and pure amazement.. Forever thankful.


Through these sessions I have improved my confidence in all aspects of life, from dealing with difficult situations to talking to people. I have been able to let go of a great deal of ‘steam’ or anger as a result of these sessions, which has made me a much happier person. I always look on the positive side of a negative situation now, which I would never have been able to do before. It has been really useful having these sessions and I would recommend them to anyone who feels they may need it.

Ed. W

I have found these session extremely helpful, especially in dealing with exams and stress leading up to them etc. It has been good to know that if I’m worried about things or become upset that there is someone there to talk to. The most helpful bit, I would say, is helping to get into the right state of mind before exams and this has definitely helped me this summer.


I think that overall these sessions have been pretty beneficial to me. I’ve found it hard to get motivated to do things like revision previously and these sessions have helped me to learn like how my mind works around the concept of revision and the different ways I can condition myself in order to be best prepared for my exams.
It’s also been good that I can vent my feelings about college easily, whether that’s my feelings about teachers or too much work etc and that been really useful to me overall I think.
These sessions have helped my attitude to college work and just like life in general. I really would recommend them to anyone who maybe needs a bit of a push to get stuff done like me.


The sessions have worked tremendously well, probably because Jo is very honest and forthright. The sessions are laid back but also intense, he is very calm, always listens to what’s you’re saying and comes back with good and relevant feedback. I enjoyed these sessions and they helped me a lot. I had some skeletons in my closet and Jo lifted the burdens from me. All in all I feel like a new me and a better me



We first used Jo/Meta Mentoring in January 2009 to work with three disaffected and disengaged year 13 students. To say that he turned them around in the space of 3 months is an understatement. By the end of his short programme of mentoring with them they had become re-engaged, motivated and determined to succeed – one of them even submitted a late UCAS application as a consequence!

So successful was he that we invited him back the following academic year, this time to work with 6 year 12 students who, by Christmas, had been identified as being in danger of dropping out of 6th form. Again his fortnightly one to one sessions with each student proved an instant hit with them all, each student waxing lyrical about his engaging and motivational methodology.

I am looking forward to working with Jo/Meta Mentoring again in 2010-11 to help steer a few more errant souls back in the right direction.

Rob Elmes
Head of 6th Form Studies
Droitwich Spa High School