School Mentoring

As you are probably aware from the rest of the website, a couple of years ago I went back to my old school to mentor young people there. Over the last 2 years I have developed a way of mentoring 16-18 year olds to help them realise their potential.

Meta Mentoring is about helping the young person get back to where they want to be. Most young people do not want to be de-motivated or dis-engaged or challenging, especially those that have already chosen to stay on into higher education. There are normally more fundamental reasons behind this lack of drive and enthusiasm. In the work that I have done, I have found that with the right one-to-one support, these young people can make more positive choices about how they engage with the education system, and get for themselves better grades so they can move on into the higher education that they strive for.

I have found that the teachers and school that I have worked with have done their utmost for the 6th formers in their care, but for some teenagers, teachers and the school will always be ‘the system’ and as such, no matter how well-meaning the help and interventions, it is always seen as something to rebel against. By having an independent and young(ish) mentor to talk to, the young person can be made aware of the choices they are making and inevitable results of such choices in a way and language that makes sense to them.

Young people today are expected to be grown up so fast, and for some young people they hit teenage angst at just the wrong time. They become disinterested, demotivated, challenging in their behaviour, and as a result they end up becoming disengaged from the school system. The result is that you find the young person is missing lessons, not giving in homework, avoiding coursework or deadlines. Once on this path, it is difficult for them to return from. Remember what it was like to be a teenager: once disengaged it is almost impossible to know what to do to remotivate yourself or indeed re-engage without losing face. It is the mentors’ job to help them do this and to give them practical tools and techniques that they can use to get back on track.

Every young person I have worked with knows that they are not doing themselves justice. They know they are messing things up, and could do more, they just don’t know HOW to. That is where the Meta Mentor steps in.

A Meta Mentor is trained to be wise counsel, friend, and confidante to that young person, so they can help them re-find their motivation, re-engage with the education system, and achieve the grades that reflect their intelligence. The Meta Mentor is not a counsellor, or indeed a psychologist – there are plenty of amazing people who already do that work – but is an excellent motivator and inspiring coach who will help that young person realise their potential, by giving them the tools to help themselves.

A Meta Mentor can come into the 6th form and help you with young people who are bright but under achieving, intelligent but dis-engaged, challenging and de-motivated. We at Meta Mentoring believe in young people, and we want to help you and your school get these bright stars of the future achieving and realising their potential.