Mentoring Young People

Now more than ever, young people are expected to make life-changing decisions at an early age. Think about it: at 15 you have to decide whether to stay on at school or leave and work. At 17 you have to decide if you want to stay on to complete your A-levels, and decide if you want to stay on to higher education. This involves not only choosing university but also what degree course, a decision that may affect the rest of your life.

The sad thing is that for many young people these are difficult choices to make. One wrong or ill-informed choice could lead to not getting to university or not getting on the course you wanted. It could mean a de-motivating drop-out of either school or college or university. It could also mean the end of formal education and the disengagement of that young person from any kind of system.

There are many, many young people who are unsure of what to do with their lives. They may have dropped out of education, or found themselves in a dead end job that they have no passion for. They may be back at home, drifting through life with no real sense of direction.

There is very little help around for these young people, and our view is that, with the right help, they could be the bright stars of tomorrow. Every young person deserves the right to achieve their potential, to get help on the challenging journey of life. It’s not always obvious when you are in your teens or twenties how to get yourself out of the rut that many young people find themselves in. So that is where Meta Mentoring steps in.

We want to help you, or your son, daughter or friend to get back to their true selves, to find their drive, enthusiasm, motivation and passion again, to find purpose, and realise their potential. We believe that there are a lot of young people out there who have so much more to give, who, with just the smallest of nudges, can get back on track and become the bright stars of the future.

We offer 1-1 sessions with a Meta Mentor. That will help you find that sparkle, that magic, that drive and determination, and help you to get you where you want to be.

So if you would like help or know someone who would benefit from some Meta Mentoring, then please do get in touch.